Blog Posts

  • Organizing Your Workspace

    Is your workspace organized enough to help you maximize your mood and productivity? Here are some tips for you!
  • The Impact of Blue Light: Illuminating the Facts

    We use screens all the time everyday in this modern world, but what are the impacts and how do we reduce blue light exposure? Let's find out in this blog!
  • How to Manage Stress from Work

    Stress is always going to be there, but here are a few tips to help you manage your stress, so you can be the most productive when you work. But remember that knowing is only part of it, as we need to take actions, too!
  • Incremental Goals

    Oftentimes we have great ideas and amazing goals, only to fall short because our motivation wears off. We realized we need a system, but then soon we are overwhelmed by the amount of work involved. What's the secret of those who are successful is achieving their goals?
  • Be Like Einstein

    Did you ever feel like you're "in the zone", and you can think so clearly? What if there's a way to create that feeling on a regular basis? Let's take a look at what theta brain waves is all about!
  • Facing Uncertainty

    Uncertainty is a given in life, but oftentimes we can't help but be overwhelmed. What can we do to overcome the anxiety, and what can we do to stay on course and eventually get through these tough times?
  • 5-Second Rule

    We make mistakes every single day, but is there a good system to help us make more right decisions and avoid wrong ones? It takes just a few seconds to mess something up, but it could take a lifetime to recover. I hope you are ready for the 5-second rule :)
  • The Back Support Myth

    What is the purpose of the back support on the Stork kneeling chair? How come Dove doesn't have a back support? You might be wondering the purpose of the back support on these kneeling chairs we designed, and here we will reveal the myth so you know how to use the kneeling chairs properly.
  • Small Changes to Big Results

    We all know that feeling when weĀ just want to relax after a long day of work, but deep inside we know life should be more than this. What's stopping you from becoming who you are destined to be? Can small changes make big differences?
  • Rewiring the Brain

    Oftentimes we are programmed by what happened in the past, and we become more and more "practical" and "realistic." Here we will discussĀ Dr. Joe Dispenza's sharing to explore how we can rewire our brains and break out of the old patterns.
  • Secrets to Higher Performance

    Are you ready to level up yourself? Do you look forward to having higher performance in whatever you do? There's a price to pay, but the secrets are out, and we'd love to share our stories with you.
  • Wake Up, Sit Up, Suit Up

    Do you feel tired constantly? Do you feel like you are just scrambling and drowning in busyness? There are simple changes (not easy, though) you can make to take back control of your body and mind. We have some amazing tips to share with you, and we hope you canĀ find a new you in the new year.