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  • How to Manage Stress from Work

    Stress is always going to be there, but here are a few tips to help you manage your stress, so you can be the most productive when you work. But remember that knowing is only part of it, as we need to take actions, too!
  • The Back Support Myth

    What is the purpose of the back support on the Stork kneeling chair? How come Dove doesn't have a back support? You might be wondering the purpose of the back support on these kneeling chairs we designed, and here we will reveal the myth so you know how to use the kneeling chairs properly.
  • Wake Up, Sit Up, Suit Up

    Do you feel tired constantly? Do you feel like you are just scrambling and drowning in busyness? There are simple changes (not easy, though) you can make to take back control of your body and mind. We have some amazing tips to share with you, and we hope you can find a new you in the new year.
  • Level Up Your Mood

    Are you hoping to level up your mood in the new year? It's not easy, but did you know that your posture and your body can help elevate your mood? What can our kneeling chairs do to help? Let's find out more!
  • How to Use A Kneeling Chair?

      We are glad that you are interested in our kneeling chairs, but before you make your purchase, it's important to learn now just the benefits, bu...
  • Why Kneeling Chairs?

    Traditional chairs have been around for thousands of years, so you might be wondering why use kneeling chairs, and why now?  As we spend more and ...