The Back Support Myth


People often ask the Perfect Perch team the below questions:

  1. How good is the Stork's back support? It seems too low for my back.
  2. How come Dove doesn't have a back support? 

Today we're going to explain the myth behind the "back support" on our beautiful and carefully designed chairs. Now sit up straight, and let's go!

The whole purpose of a kneeling chair is to help your upper body stay upright, so that you don't get lower back or shoulder pains from leaning forward, or neck pains from leaning back on traditional office chairs. With that said, we know the first rule of using a kneeling chair is to NOT lean on anything - not your desk and not the back support, if you have one. The moment you lean on anything when using a kneeling chair, your weight distribution will be off, and certain muscle groups will start working harder than they should, therefore causing you pains in the long run. 

If you have a Dove kneeling chair from us, you do not have the option of leaning back, so it's easier to sit upright. Of course, you can still somewhat slouch a bit or even lean forward on the Desk, so watch out for those bad habits, though once a while it's OK doing the above. On the other hand, Stork has a back support, so our natural instinct with all the years of leaning back in traditional chairs, is to lean back. This is when you will realize the Stork's back support actually doesn't quite give you the support you are expecting, because it's REALLY low. The reason is because the "back support" is mainly there to give you a reference on where you should sit on the seat cushion. When your hips are gently touching the "back support" on a Stork, you know you're not sitting too far or too close on the seat cushion. Though it does give you a little bit of "back support" when you need it, allowing you to lean back is not its main purpose.

Now you might be asking - why is it called "back support" when it's not the main purpose? This is when we might need your input on what we should call them, since we have been scratching our heads on a better term.

Again, the proper way to use our kneeling chairs can be found HERE, and we highly recommend you check it out so you know how to use them correctly. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us at Thank you, and stay healthy, everyone :)