Facing Uncertainty


As much as we try to be prepared, we can't catch up with all the changes that happen around us everyday. Uncertainty is a part of life, but do we have the right mindset when we face uncertainly head on?

Recently we run into a lot of supply chain issues - higher raw materials, significantly higher shipping costs, and increases for storage fees. As our costs started rising dramatically, we started wondering how we were going to get through this period. The last thing we want is to pass the costs to you, our customers, because we know you're also impacted by these changes in your daily life (e.g. gas price). We sat down together to think about the situation, and we thought these could help:

  • Control things you can control: despite the uncertainties we do not have control over, there are still things we can control. It could be our healthy routines (eat, sleep, exercise), or our emotions, as long as we try hard and stay committed, we will have higher level of control. It's easy to focus on the negatives (i.e. loss of control due to uncertainty), but we just have to focus our mind on the positives, as minute as they can be. For us, we thought about our past successes of helping many people stay healthy, and we are very proud of what we can done, and the energy gives us a boost every time.
  • Rethink the need for certainty: sometimes we take certainly for granted, and we expect things to be the same ways they have always been. Sometimes a little change here and there can rewire our brains, or remind us to re-think our existing processes. For us, we thought about how we've always had great partners we work with on shipping, storage, and other areas, but maybe it's time to look for other options. Is it more important keeping our prices reasonable for the end customers, or it's more important holding onto our past successful decisions. We decided to look for new shipping methods and partners!
  • Reduce unnecessary stress: Uncertainly will bring stress, but sometimes we do more harm thinking about them constantly. Will some actions I am taking on the regular basis help me deal with these struggles? If not, then reduce the time and energy spent on them. For us, we stopped asking for shipping costs every few days, because it's not going to change the more we check. Calling another potential partner knowing they're not good is also causing unnecessary stress, because we know thing would go nowhere anyway. 

Are you facing uncertainly like many others? These are opportunities for us to expand and test our limits, but do consider some of our tips above to deal with the uncertainties in your life. Let's encourage each other to be better than the day before, and face these uncertainties in life head on with good strategies!