Be Like Einstein


Have you ever had the experience when you were "in the zone", and everything's so clear in your mind? What happens is that all that interference fades away. While in the zone, your brain wave state slows down, you consciously think fewer thoughts, and use less of your brain. You go into a meditative state and are able to tap into the brain power of your subconscious. 

There are a few main brain waves - Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta. When you're in the zone, it's the Theta state you are in. Ned Herrmann, a creativity research, said "During this awakening cycle it is possible for individuals to stay in the theta state for an extended period of say, five to 15 minutes--which would allow them to have a free flow of ideas about yesterday's events or to contemplate the activities of the forthcoming day. This time can be extremely productive and can be a period of very meaningful and creative mental activity."


Different brainwaves correspond with particular states of mind. (Note: These Greek letters are confusingly out of alphabetical order since some were discovered earlier than others.)

Einstein and Edison both understood this, and that's how they were able to take advantage of how the brain works to be creative and solve problems. When Einstein ran into problems he couldn't solve, he'd pick up his violin and start playing; this is how he entered a meditative state where he controlled his brain waves to slow down, and everything became more clear. Edison would seat himself in his armchair in front of the fireplace. Once comfortable, he would cradle bearings in both hands with brass plates on the floor below. Then he would drift off. When he loosened his grip on the bearings, they would fall and strike the plate, which jolted him awake. He would then reset and repeat the process.

In this day in age, we have lots of distractions and "being busy" is the norm, and oftentimes we struggle to find time to think and find clarity. If you are trying to solve a difficult problem, or seek clarity, try something that helps you go into the Theta state. It's OK if you don't play the violin or have a rocking chair, because showering is one very easy way to go into this state. Give it a try next time when you need to go into the zone and think :)



reference: Fitmind