Wake Up, Sit Up, Suit Up


We are busy every single day, and even though many of us are working from home during the pandemic, the boundary between work and life is getting even blurrier than ever before. It could be the kids' virtual learning we need to attend to while going between Zoom calls, or the late night Emails right before we sleep because our "office" is right next to where we sleep. It's not easy, and we get it.

Knowing that new challenges mean new changes, the team at Perfect Perch is determined to maximize our productivity while maintaining our overall health, so here are some of the changes we are making together:

  • Wake Up: We are sleeping earlier and waking up earlier (~1.5 hours than before). Instead of being woken up by the kids, traffic, or the sunlight piecing through the curtains, we get up when it's still dark. We still recommend you sleep the normal amount of time, but by simply switching your waking hours from later at night to early in the morning, we found ourselves more alert! After a whole day of work, we sometimes binge watch Netflix, play video games, or surf the Internet late at night trying to "get more out of the day", but in fact our body and mind are both tired already! Now we wake up before the world starts, and the benefits are evident!
  • Sit Up: You now took the first step of waking up earlier, so props to you. But before you start working right away, you need to first set your body and mind into the right state. We recommend you drink some water, and sit up to meditate or pray. The first few minutes are not going to be easy because you are not necessarily fully awake, so your thoughts are everywhere. Once you get a hang of controlling your thoughts, seek clarity for the day during your meditation and prayer. What is my main goal(s) for the day, how emotions do I want to feel, what is the theme of today? Find your comfortable spot and sit up (may we suggest one of our chairs?), and put your brain into the theta state.
  • Suit Up: Now that you have a clear goal for the day, and your mind and body are ready to take on the day, it's time to suit up! If you have the habit of exercising in the morning, put on your workout clothes and start moving. If you would like to start working, we recommend you get out of your pajamas and dress up a bit. Dressing up helps us with our confidence, and it reminds us that what we do is important, and of course, since we already spent money on the clothes. We wear pajamas to relax and to sleep, but by dressing up, we can be like superheroes in their super suits, ready to take on the day with much more confidence! 


We have been experiencing all the benefits from the above changes in the year 2021 so far, and we hope you can also make some great adjustments to have an amazing new year and new you! Stay healthy, be happy, everyone.