Blog Posts

  • Organizing Your Workspace

    Is your workspace organized enough to help you maximize your mood and productivity? Here are some tips for you!
  • The Impact of Blue Light: Illuminating the Facts

    We use screens all the time everyday in this modern world, but what are the impacts and how do we reduce blue light exposure? Let's find out in this blog!
  • Be Like Einstein

    Did you ever feel like you're "in the zone", and you can think so clearly? What if there's a way to create that feeling on a regular basis? Let's take a look at what theta brain waves is all about!
  • The Back Support Myth

    What is the purpose of the back support on the Stork kneeling chair? How come Dove doesn't have a back support? You might be wondering the purpose of the back support on these kneeling chairs we designed, and here we will reveal the myth so you know how to use the kneeling chairs properly.
  • Rewiring the Brain

    Oftentimes we are programmed by what happened in the past, and we become more and more "practical" and "realistic." Here we will discuss Dr. Joe Dispenza's sharing to explore how we can rewire our brains and break out of the old patterns.
  • Why We Slouch?

    We've all been reminded to sit up straight and not slouch, but have you ever wondered why we slouch in the first place? Sometimes it's just a bad...
  • Why Kneeling Chairs?

    Traditional chairs have been around for thousands of years, so you might be wondering why use kneeling chairs, and why now?  As we spend more and ...