Frequently Asked Questions

"Knowledge is having the right answer. Intelligence is asking the right question" 

We are glad you are here, because you want to know more. If you never purchased a kneeling chair before, you're at the right place; if you used one before, we're glad you're a believer already, but there's always more we can learn together! 

Below are some questions and answers from us, but if there are more things you'd like to know, feel free to drop us a message at If we don't know the answer, we will find it and we'll learn together.


Q: What are the top benefits of kneeling chairs?

Since kneeling chairs align your body (spine and legs) at the ideal 110 degrees, you get better sitting posture without much effort. With a better posture, you get rid of the nagging lower back pain, shoulder soreness, or neck strains. Better yet, you get to strengthen your core muscles because you are engaging your abs and back muscles more without using the back rest. More details of the benefits can be found HERE



Q: Why should I buy from Perfect Perch?

  • Purpose: We absolutely & unequivocally believe in our high-quality products, and it is our mission to help you experience the benefits.
  • Focus: Unlike larger companies that sell many different types of products, we are laser-focused on our small product lineup. We designed these products ourselves and picked the right parts with you in mind.
  • Quality: We only use the best materials to build the most beautiful kneeling chairs - the leather, the solid wood, the cushions, and every single detail. 
  • Support: We can respond to your questions faster, address your concerns better, and we gladly take your feedback. We know exactly how you feel sitting in those traditional chairs, because we were once there, too!



Q: How long can I sit in these kneeling chairs? 

The kneeling chairs align your body to the ideal posture, allowing you to sit comfortably, and subsequently help your mind work at its best.

These amazingly designed and crafted chairs are the best kneeling chairs you can find, but we still highly recommend you use a combination of a kneeling chair and a standing desk (or a traditional chair) as this combination seems to work best for most people! Also, we encourage you to move your legs, stand up and stretch every 45 minutes, so you can get the blood circulation going. 




Q: How do I use a kneeling chair?

Please check out our Blog Post with more details and tips on how to use our kneeling chairs. 




    Q: What are the major differences between your two main products? 

    • Materials: Dove has solid beech wood as the frame, and Stork has a metal frame. Both use PU leather and the highest-quality foam for the cushions. We tried different foam thicknesses and density levels, and decided to use the best we could find while keeping you comfortable. 
    • Weight: Dove is slightly lighter at 17.6 lbs while Stork is at 19.8 lbs. 
    • Agility: Dove is easier to move around, and Stork is also relatively easy and agile. Both come with wheels/casters, but we include locking wheels/casters in Stork.
    • Noise: Dove is very quiet because of the solid wood construction, and Stork's metal frame makes some gentle and normal noise sometimes.
    • Stability: Both products are very stable, but Stork has side handles to help you get on and off the chair more easily.
    • Ease of Use: Stork has a pneumatic gas lift so it's easier for you to move the seat up and down. Also, Stork has a back support in case you need it, but we do not encourage you to lean back because it's not as ergonomic.




    Q: It looks like Perfect Perch is also on Amazon. What's the difference between buying from your website and buying on is a wonderful platform and a great partner helping us with product listings and shipping. Whether you buy from our website or, you will be getting the exact same high-quality products. But we have more coupon codes on our website because Amazon does charge us a decent amount for every unit sold, and we'd like to pass the savings to you instead. Do let your friends and coworkers know about our website, and the amazing benefits of our beautifully crafted kneeling chairs. 




    Q: How fast is the delivery time for my order?

    We understand that it's absolutely critical you get your orders fast, because it's important that you get your body and mind aligned with the help of our kneeling chairs. We decided to use Amazon FBA so you can get the fast shipping from Amazon's excellent distribution channels. Oh, did we mention it's free also? :)



    Q: How much time does it take to assemble these chairs?

    It really depends on your experience, but normally you should be able to complete the assembly in less than 20 minutes. We have clear instructions that show you the steps, and we have the necessary tools you need to put the chairs together. If you still have questions, we are here to support at 




    Q: What are the weight and height limits for these chairs? 

    Each chair is slightly different, so we recommend you read the specifications on the product page. But generally, we set 250 pounds as the weight limit, and 5' - 6'4" as the height range. People who are outside of these limits most likely will not benefit much from these kneeling chairs unfortunately, and it could potentially result in injuries. 




    Q: When will I see results and benefits of using Perfect Perch's kneeling chairs?

    The results vary because each person's different, but in our experience, you will start feeling the difference in 30 minutes! You will feel that the chair helps you sit up straight, and there's no feeling like it! It still takes a bit of getting-used-to because of muscle memory, and you will need to figure out the best angle that works for you in the next few days. If you have pains on your lower back, shoulders, or neck, due to years of bad posture, you can wave them goodbye in less than a month. It's not magic, but it's close enough :)




    Q: What do I do if my shins hurt, or my legs are numb after using these kneeling chairs?

    Again, the results vary because each person's different. If your shins hurt after using the kneeling chairs for a while, it might be because you're leaning forward too much still, or your seat is too high. We suggest you lower the seat slightly, and the pain on your shins should go away. Or you can try putting one leg on the cushion and the other on the floor (blog post). If you experience numbness on your legs, adjust your seat so that the seat cushion does not cut off the circulation on the back of your thighs. As always, you still need to move around every now and then. It's all about adjusting and finding the right balance, but feel free to contact us for more tips at




    Q: How does Perfect Perch protect my credit card information? 

    We leverage Shopify's security for all payment-related information, so you can have the peace of mind when it comes to your credit card information. Shopify is PCI compliant (see HERE) and has the highest level of certification - Level 1 PCI certification. 




    Q: What is the return policy?

    Please go HERE to see the return policy.