About Perfect Perch


Our mission is to bring you exquisitely designed workspace products to help you achieve maximum productivity by aligning your body and mind, whether you are working at home or in the office. 

We recognize how the modern work culture has negatively impacted our health, both mentally and physically. We want to be the best version we can be, but we could all use some help to stay motivated in the mind, and to ensure we have the right products at our desk to ensure we stay physically healthy!

We named our products after birds, because birds perch on tree branches comfortably before soaring again. As you "perch" on our beautifully crafted chairs and decorate your work area with some of our inspiring products (mouse pads, mugs, canvas), you will be able to elevate your productivity, because your body and mind are in sync to be at your very best! And then off you go to explore the world, free of pains. Isn't that perfect? We think so, and would love to invite you to feel the exhilaration we feel about life!

Peter Perfect Perch Profile 

Peter Hong

Founder and Owner

Irvine, California