How to Use A Kneeling Chair?

Dove Kneeling Chair


We are glad that you are interested in our kneeling chairs, but before you make your purchase, it's important to learn now just the benefits, but also how to use a kneeling chair so you can take full advantage of these well-designed and beautifully crafted kneeling chairs. So here we go: 


What Are the Learning Curves as a First-Time Users?

When you’re learning how to sit in an ergonomic kneeling chair for the first time, it’s going to feel a little different than you’re used to. Your body is used to the feeling of sitting in a traditional chair, which is a lot different.

Your muscles will probably feel stiff during your initial use of the chair. Specifically, the core muscles will probably feel sore after the first time, but this is normal. At first, you can always switch between a standing desk and our kneeling chairs, or a traditional chair and one of our amazing kneeling chairs. Soon you will feel your lower back pains disappear, and your core much stronger than ever before!


How to Adjust the Chair for My Height?

The best kneeling chairs will allow you to adjust 1) the height of the seat and 2) the angle, and fortunately ours allow you to do that. One thing that users should prioritize above all else is height adjustment.

Tall users sometimes struggle with kneeling chairs because their legs are too long, but our kneeling chairs have a wide range of height adjustment, so you can easily find a comfortable angle and place where the pads are properly placed on your shins. Shorter users might have their feet dangle in the air when their shins are rested on the pad, but that's perfectly normal. 

Our chair Stork has a lever to quickly adjust the height, as well as another 3-level adjustment to change the distance between the seat and the knee cushion. Dove has a circular actuator you can use to turn to adjust the seat height. 


How to Sit in a Kneeling Chair

Now that you are ready to hop on our kneeling chair, here are a few good tips to sit in one:

    • First sit down on the seat cushion as you would on a regular chair, while keeping your feet on the ground.
    • Second, put your right (or left) shin on the knee cushion, and then put the other one on the knee cushion next. Use the side handles if available. Keep the majority of your weight on your bottom as much as possible, instead of your knees, though the knee cushion will absorb some of your weight to make your body more comfortable still.
    • If there is a back support (Stork), try to avoid using it unless you really need to. The point is to sit up straight and NOT lean back.
    • When getting off the chair, do the reverse of the above steps by first putting both feet on the floor, standing up (with help of side handles if available).
    • Change your posture and position throughout the work day is also a great way to engage in healthy sitting habits. To support this practice, try different leg positions when using your kneeling chair. You can try sitting with one leg on the cushion, and the other on the floor. Try alternating which leg is on and off to keep your muscles from getting stiff.
    • Don’t forget that you should alternate between a kneeling chair and a standing desk (preferred combination), or with a traditional office chair. Kneeling chairs are perfect for your posture, but based on experience and research, it's ideal using them in conjunction with a standing desk.
    • Last tip is that we recommend you take a break from the chair every 45 minutes or so. We find it best switching between a kneeling chair and a standing desk every 45 minutes.

Happy Sitting!


 Kneeling Chair, Stork.                              One leg out on kneeling chair .      .                   Kneeling Chair Posture

There you have it, and we hope the information above is helpful. Let us know if you have any additional questions on how to use Perfect Perch's kneeling chairs!


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