Are You Making Progress?

As we age, we learn things along the way. These things could be related to our health, career, relationships, purposes, or they could be about our community, environment, or beyond. Some of these learnings are organic, and some are intentional. 

North Star or Pole Star—aka Polaris—is famous for holding nearly still in our sky while the entire northern sky moves around it. One question we ask ourselves at Perfect Perch is whether we are moving toward our North Star. We believe in aligning the body and the mind, and our products are channels to help us, and you, get there. 

We don't want to bore you with all the steps we took to get to where we are, or the things we are still working on, but you can find some of them HERE. The question we do want to ask you, or even to challenge you, is whether you are making progress toward your North Star. We did a quick survey recently with our friends, family, and customers, and the top three are:

  1. Happiness
  2. Money
  3. Freedom

These top reasons don't surprise us, but what surprised us was that many of us don't have plans, or are not taking real actions to achieve them. Steve (not real name) said he wants to be happy and enjoy his work, family, while watching games once a while. Maggie, who is 26 years old, said she would like to get a higher-paying job so hopefully she can afford a condo in a few years. Frank, who is in his 40's, said he would like to have more financial freedom so he can spend more time living his life instead of stressing at work. While these are great goals (we have the same goals also!!!), many of us are not sure what we need to do! We have these goals and dreams, but nobody is telling us the steps we need to take to get there!

What we realized at Perfect Perch is that sometimes we just need to pick one action and start small, while applying some discipline. You want happiness, maybe start by counting your blessings for 30 seconds before you go to sleep every night. If more money is what you are looking for, maybe invest 5 hours a week to learn how to code online. If it's freedom you want, maybe take a break from your current stressful job and find something else. There will be trades we need to make with ourselves to get what we really want, and there's basically no way around that. Something's gotta give, and are you willing to sacrifice to get what's truly on your mind?

What's your North Star? What are your plans and actions? Are you being intentional with your time and energy? The reality is nobody knows what the "right" way is, but as long as we are moving closer with some actions in place, we will be making progress we will be proud of. Let's do it together!