What's New at Perfect Perch?


Recession is coming, as the Federal Reserve increases the interest rate. We see signs in the stock market, and now all the massive layoffs in big tech companies. Previously we notified you, our beloved customers, that we were going to close down due to the rising supply chain costs, but since the costs came down, we are reconsidering how we will operate going forward. 

So what's the plan?

  1. Inventory: We will continue to offload our kneeling chair inventory at a HUGE discount, until our inventory is depleted. We will continue to support you with your questions, orders, as well as maintenance.
  2. Products: We are exploring other products for your desk and office area, and hopefully soon we can find the best products at the highest quality for you, just like how we did it with the kneeling chairs.
  3. Team: Our size has shrunk, but our commitment hasn't. 

2023 is going to be an exciting year, and just like everything in life, we will ride it out together! Thank you for your continuous support, and stay healthy and happy in 2023 😉