WFH Tips

Nowadays WFH (Working From Home) has become the new normal for a lot of people, and some of us have gotten used to the new way of working already, while others are still struggling to find the rhythm. We also work from home now, and we thought we could give you a few tips based on our experience WFH, so that you can manage your body and mind to be at their best!

    1. Plan Your Week: Set some goals for yourself to accomplish each week, and put them on your calendar. Back when you were working in the office, coworkers would come and chat, or you would always get endless number of meeting requests. Yes, you were "working", but how much work did you really accomplish that you're proud of? Now is the perfect time to plan your week and your days, so that you can be truly effective and efficient with your time. Is it to do research on a competitor? Book it on the calendar! Is it to find a way to automate a process? Book it on the calendar! Is it to stretch for 15 minutes? Book it on the calendar! Now you can control your time and plan your routine more, so let's take advantage of it and get some good work done!
    2. Protect Your Week: Now that you have planned out your week, there will be other distractions. Maybe your kids need help with their school work, your spouse needs you to help with the chores, your friend still bugs you about going out for a walk, or you just want to have some personal time to watch YouTube videos. These are all good things and you can still work on them, but remember your goals and purpose. Protect the things that bring the most value to your work, while allowing some time to fit other things in. We now have the flexibility to plan our weeks (and we have done so!), but now we have to protect our weeks. Use your old commute time to help with the kids' school work, or use your break time to finish part of the chore, and you can still hit your milestones. Remember, you own your time (more) now!
    3. Gear Up: For those who WFH, we need to get the right equipment for us to work better. Here at Perfect Perch, we have the two most comfortable, beautiful, and functional kneeling chairs for you! If you're going to be sitting for 8 hours, why not use something truly ergonomic? Donate your traditional chairs, and upgrade to the Stork or Dove. We suggest you get standing desks as well, so you can switch between the two. You will, and we guarantee it, find yourself more focused with more energy! The last reminder is make sure you have a good monitor positioned properly so you don't lean forward or look down, because these are the recipes for lower back and neck pains.
    4. Take Breaks: Some of us actually end up working more hours while WFH (e.g. our Marketing Specialist), because there's less distraction from coworkers. You used to take walks with coworkers, or head out for lunch with friends, but now you're just focusing on work. Let's plan multiple breaks in between various tasks, and you can adjust the length accordingly. The ROI (Return on Investment) of breaks cannot be overlooked, so do it for your own sake. Get your mind and body accustomed to the schedule, including breaks, and you will be excelling in the long run!
    5. Socialize: Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, we all need friends around us. Friends give us new ideas, encouragement, reminders, or they simply get our minds off of things we're stuck on. Here's a cool quote to wrap things up - "It's not that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but it's your best friends who are your diamonds." - Gina Barreca

There are a lot more good tips you can find on the Internet, but the above are some good ones that help us the most! Let's manage our body and mind, and sky's the limit!