Perfect Updates from Perfect Perch!

Hi Perfect Perch Family,

As we enter the holiday season, there are so many things to be thankful for. We launched our store right here on, and made our way to the Amazon store with a bang! Here are a few things we'd like to share with you all as we wrap up 2020:

  • The Popular Bird: The Stork is so well received that we sold out all of our first batch of inventory within one month. We know you love it so much because it is an amazing kneeling chair, so the second shipment is almost on the way.
  • The Lesson: We noticed our manufacturer had a slight quality control hiccup, so some of the Doves had a hole alignment issue. It takes about 30 seconds to fix the issue, but we have higher standards on our product quality than this! We have asked the to make changes to ensure this NEVER happens again, and we're happy to report that additional quality control steps have been implemented.¬†
  • Your Voice: The positive feedback has been overwhelming, and we are so happy that many customers are able to get rid of their lower back problems! No chiropractors, just our kneeling chairs fixed it completely! Of course, we also heard that some customers would like to try softer knee cushions, and others want different colors; we heard all of them and are making changes to make sure you get what you want :)
  • Your Support: We have customers sharing their testimonies and recommending our products to others, and for that we are extremely grateful. We have seen quite a few returning customers as well, and we appreciate every bit of love and support you have given us!
  • Next Steps: We've made some changes to our products and added more variations (coming soon!), and we've improved the production process at the factory, too. Due to the global pandemic and some supply chain delays, the next batch of inventory¬†of Stork will be here in the next month or two, so please be patient with us.

Again, there is so much to be grateful for, and we hope the updates here are just as exciting as the moment when you realize your body is as healthy as it can be because of our kneeling chairs! 2020 hasn't been easy for most of us because of the pandemic, but life is a journey, and it's all the more beautiful when we go through the ups and downs together. 


Much Love,

The Perfect Perch Team