New Year, New Resolutions

It's officially 2022, and I hope you are all as ready as we are for the new year! There were tons of challenges for us in 2021, but we were always persistent and optimistic, and we came out stronger than ever before.

Our main challenges included the supply chain problems and rising costs due to COVID, and there were more competitors joining the market with lower price (and... lower quality). First of all, we have many customers like you, who trust in our vision and our products; many of you advocated for us and shared our products with your family and friends. Also, we are more than grateful that we have many amazing partners in marketing, UI/UX design, logistics, that we were able to reach new heights than ever before. n fact, our sales 5x in the year 2021, and it's definitely more than what we could have ever asked for. 

In the new year, we aim to focus on "refinement". Over the last 2 years, we established our brand on multiple marketplaces in the US, Canada, and Australia. Our website also attracted a lot of traffic (more than 2k unique users), and the growth is simply unbelievable. With a good foundation, we figured that we could focus on refining things so we can maximize our work in order to continue working toward our goals and mission. A company's health is very much like a person's health, and much work is required. A person would be hungry without food, and a company would fade out without money and resources; a person would be lonely without friends, and a company wouldn't be successful without good vendors and partners; a person would be unhealthy if there's no exercise and discipline, and a company wouldn't thrive without constantly pushing itself and refining the process. We picked 2 areas we'd like to improve, and in this year, you will start seeing the difference:

  1. Digital User Experience: digital experience (e.g. website browsing and shopping) is your first encounter with Perfect Perch, and we want to do it right! It's like the first date, and we've spent a lot of time in the last 2 months talking to you to understand what you're looking for. We will continue experimenting and trying new things out to ensure you have the best digital experience possible!
  2. Product Quality: we want to give you the best kneeling chairs and accessories, and we will never compromise on quality. With that being said, there are improvements we still need to make. We hear your feedback, and we're working with our partners to make the improvements you deserve!

We are looking forward to working on and accomplishing these goals in 2022, and that's our promise to you. So again, we appreciate your continuous support, in the years past and the years to come.