What's In the Box? (Dove & Stork)

Yes, Dove and Stork are both awesome kneeling chairs that will help your posture tremendously, but you might be wondering what's really in the box! You are in luck as we take a look at what you will be getting in the box. 


Stork: this kneeling chair is the easier one to install as most parts have been pre-assembled for you. The approximate installation time is 20 minutes. 

  • Box: 
Stork Kneeling Chair Box
  • Parts in Bags

Stork Kneeling Chair Parts in Bags 

  • All Parts (No Bags)
Stork kneeling chair parts

  • Assembly Trick: Sometimes a few screw holes might not be aligned with the part (e.g. side handle bars), so you might need to apply some force to bend things a bit. For most customers, this should never happen, though.

Stork Kneeling Chair Assembly



Dove: this kneeling chair requires slightly more work and time, but you should be able to finish the assembly in less than 30 minutes.

  • Parts in Bags
Dove Kneeling Chair in Bags
  • All Parts (No Bags)
Dove Kneeling Chair Parts No Bags
  • Frame Assembly: when assembling the frame, you will need both Torx short-arm L-key and turn them at the same time to lock the screws in. We have two L-keys available in the box, so this shouldn't be a problem.
Dove Kneeling Chair Frame Assembly
  • Height Adjustment Hole Alignment: we noticed that sometimes the metal hole in the height adjustment part is not aligned, so you might need to use a metal bar to adjust and align the hole. We will continue to work with our supplier so we can avoid this problem completely in the future. 

Dove Kneeling Chair Hole Alignment 



Hope the helps you feel more comfortable with the assembly process for both Dove and Stork. Let us know any time you have any questions or concerns, and we're here (info@theperfectperch.com) to listen and support. Thank you, and hope everyone stays healthy and safe!